Hot Clicks: Joe Mauer's "poor" days; Hottest MLB reporters

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After signing an eight-year, $184 million contract, it's safe to say Joe Mauer is a rich man. But it wasn't always that way. In 2006, he was just a 23-year-old kid who needed a roommate to share the expenses of his St. Paul home. So he asked teammate Justin Morneau to move in with him. SI soon got wind of this living arrangement and sent a photographer to shoot the home of Minnesota's most eligible bachelors. Here are the photos.

Mauer, Morneau and the Bachelor Life

Joe Mauer :: Tom Dahlin/SI

When Donnie Walsh was hired by Knicks owner James Dolan to revitalize his franchise, one of his first moves was firing Isiah Thomas and hiring Mike D'Antoni as the Knicks head coach. The plan was simple -- Walsh would clear cap space for the summer of 2010, make a couple shrewd draft choices and see if D'Antoni could sneak the team into the playoffs and lure LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh or another high-profile free agent to join the team during the 2010 free agent bonanza. So far, the plan is not working. D'Antoni is 57-95 as coach of the Knicks and the team is currently 10 games out of the final playoff spot in the East. Several current and former Knicks have lambasted D'Antoni for his poor communication skills and a report in today's New York Post suggests that the bond between Walsh and D'Antoni isn't so hot either. After first-round pick Jordan Hill, who was traded to the Rockets last month, said on Sunday that D'Antoni buried him on the bench, the coach fired back, saying "I don't like to play bad rookies." It's hard not to see this as a shot at Walsh, who drafted Hill with the eighth overall pick last June. While New York tries to convince its fan base that free agents are coming, they may have to solve their own problems first. Ball Don't Lie has more on the Knicks mess.

Trouble in New York?

I bet you never knew so many things could be done with Red Bull cans.

It'll Give You Wings ... and More

The Bleacher Report has its list of 10 hottest MLB reporters. Somehow, the lovely Maria Sansone only took third place, but she is good enough to be Hot Clicks' Lovely Lady of the Day.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Maria Sansone :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Reader Jake L. from Philadelphia sent in this link of a woman getting her groove on while riding on an NYC bus. I give credit to the guy who sat a few seats away and filmed her for eight solid minutes.

Getting Down on the Bus

With Wrestlemania XXVI coming up on Sunday, The Camel Clutch Blog lists the 10 worst WWE WrestleManias of all time. On a more positive note, this remains my favorite Wrestlemania moment.

Worst Wrestlemanias

Show this video to anyone who criticizes NBA players for being thugs and unfriendly to fans.

Deron and His New Friends

It's pretty, pretty, pretty good that Curb Your Enthusiasm will be airing in syndication with 7-10 minute panel discussions on each episode ... Five good cars for a frugal shopper ... Nothing like a cop getting busted for DUI in a police cruiser while wearing his uniform ... NBC has banned Conan O'Brien from appearing on American Idol.

Random Links

When not filling in for Jimmy, I run the SI Vault and its awesome Twitter feed, which I update all day with old and embarrassing photos of athletes. Today I have a simple question: Who's a better Santa Claus: Bill Belichick or Larry Bird?

Vault Photo of the Day

A goalie breaks his arm on a fakeout of a penalty kick.

Soccer Video of the Day


Knicks Dancers Video of the Day