Hot Clicks: Tiger Woods' temptations; Best name in sports

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There's never a dull moment when it comes to Tiger Woods "coverage." TMZ reports that the out-of-rehab-for-who-knows-what golfer will "be put to the ultimate test" at the Masters because Hooters will be holding a bikini competition in the area. Meanwhile, the Huffington Post plays the same game, reporting that alleged Tiger mistress Joslyn James will be "performing" at a nearby strip club.

Tempting Tiger

Hooters Girls :: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images got several NFL players to reveal their favorite curse word on video. Eli Manning's participation is not to be missed.

Swearfest has spliced together Gus Johnson's best "calls" from this past weekend. And if you're craving more Gus after that, there is always

You Will Not Find A More Enjoyable 30 Seconds is trying to find the Sports Name of the Year.

What Were Their Parents Thinking?

Courtesy of

Check out one fan's John Wall rear windshield wiper.

This Beats Those Dumb "Baby On Board" Signs

I've received tons of e-mails from readers who want me to mention Shawn Michaels' retirement from wrestling. The Heartbreak Kid gave a farewell speech on last night's Monday Night Raw, and you can find a full recap and other related content here. As for my most memorable Michaels moment, it has to be this.

So Long, Shawn

You must check out the ending of last night's Stanford-Xavier Elite Eight women's basketball game.

Sports Video Of The Day

Here is Erin Andrews' performance from last night's Dancing with the Stars. The highlight, however, is not the dancing; it's what happens at the 50-second mark.

Erin Andrews Video Of The Day

Little kids reenact Scarface. Enough said. (Thanks to Nick, of Oklahoma City, for the link.)

School Play Of The Day

Scarface School Play - Watch more Funny Videos