Hot Clicks: Jennie Finch; LeBron James dunk on James Johnson

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An anonymous reader who is a fan of the Round Rock Express (Class AAA affiliate of the Houston Astros) sent the following e-mail: "I just got back from an 11-inning yawner that went over four-and-a-half hours. The teams sucks and is pretty hard to watch. The only good thing about tonight was that Jennie Finch was in attendance. She's married to one of the pitchers on the team, Casey Daigle. It would really make my morning if she was featured in Hot Clicks tomorrow. She is a lot prettier in person if you can imagine that.

Finch Fan

Jennie Finch :: Jordan Strauss/Getty Images

Chris, of Atlanta, says, "Jimmy, last night as I was attempting to tough it out through the late night Western Conference game, I noticed about halfway through the third quarter, a commercial for the Carmelo Anthony Fans of Utah. Given that the Nuggets were playing Utah I thought that was just cruel. I can't seem to find anything about it, so I guess I'm no help, but if you can figure out where that came from I'd appreciate it." Meanwhile, Rick, of Houston, says, "OK, Jimmy. Here's your assignment: Contact your sources, throw it up on Facebook, release the hounds... whatever... please find out who paid for that 30 second-ad midway through the third quarter of tonight's Jazz-Nuggets game. It was a 30-second tribute to Carmelo by the "Carmelo Fans in Utah" club. Someone bought 30 seconds of prime time TV to tribute Carmelo from his Utah fans!!!!! Please dig!" Here is the ad in question, and if you have good eyesight, you will see at the 27-second mark, in the bottom right-hand corner, it says "This ad is sponsored by Jordan." So, it appears this is a viral ad.

In Enemy Territory

When should you start watching the NBA playoffs? This chart will tell you. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Speaking Of The NBA Postseason...

You saw this monster dunk by LeBron James over James Johnson. But despite Cleveland taking a 2-0 lead on Chicago, Joakim Noahis not backing down from trashing the city of Cleveland.

But If You Chose To Watch Last Night...

LeBron James :: AP

As we get closer to the NFL draft, you'll probably reminisce about the events great moments. Here's one that you probably haven't seen in a while -- Colts GM Bill Tobin ripping into Mel Kiper.

The Dangers Of Taunting

Folks who don't read Hot Clicks are so out of touch and it's sad to see. Loyal members of Hot Clicks Nation know that we covered the Shake Weight months ago. I even pleaded with readers to stop sending me the commercial back in January. But now I hear that morning radio shows, Saturday Night Live and Charles Barkley are just discovering the sexual exercise device.

Keep Up, People

With the Atlanta Hawks in action tonight, Josh, of Jacksonville, Ala., says this is the perfect time to relieve the team's awesome 1986 anthem, Nothing Can Stop Us.

Sports Video Of The Day

Erin channeled Uma Thurman last night..

Erin Andrews Video Of The Day

These guys, known as Axis Of Awesome, show that every song comes down to just the same four chords.

Music Video Of The Day