Hot Clicks: Ciara; Ochocinco Twitter; Erin Andrews tango; Bucks mascot stunt

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For those of you not on Twitter, or for those on Twitter but not following Chad Ochocinco, let me tell you something; he tweets A LOT. And because of that, a lot of gems get lost in the shuffle, so I'm here to give you the highlights from the past couple of days. He's revealed what he needs from a woman; he's invited all his followers to breakfast and offered to treat whoever showed up; he's partially given out his phone number; told a story about how the cleaning lady at his hotel walked in on him while he was naked, and expressed his amazement at Ciara's dancing in this video. And that's just in two days! (On a side note, I'm far less exciting, but you should follow me on Twitter.)

Never A Dull Moment

Ciara :: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Detroit Lions linebacker Zack Follett doesn't have the track record of Chad Ochocinco, but based on this video, in which he buys a feminine hygiene product and Band-Aids for his opponents (while wearing his Lions helmet in the drugstore), he seems to be just as much of a character.

Speaking Of Outspoken Football Players...

What's worse: this collision or this missed goal?

Soccer Shockers

Jim, of Chicago, says, "Jimmy, if this video doesn't make Hot Clicks, I will never click on this page again. Best mascot stunt ever. Go Bucks!"


Bango : Getty Images

Via this story from comes word that Brewers catcher Gregg Zaun could not throw the ball back to the pitcher last night.

Let The Major League Comparisons Begin

It's one thing if President Obama and Baba Booey have bad first pitches. But you'd expect a little more from a professional hockey player. That wasn't the case for the Sharks' Dany Heatley at last night's Giants game.

Sports Video Of The Day

Erin Andrews did the tango last night. After that, she headed to Jimmy Kimmel's show for an appearance you can watch here and here.

Erin Andrews Video Of The Day

You have to read this story first. Then watch the video below.

Taylor Swift Video Of The Day