Hot Clicks: Terrell Owens wants Halle Berry; Canadiens fans riot

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When paparazzi caught up with Terrell Owens yesterday, he used the opportunity to make a pitch to the newly single Halle Berry.

T.O. Pleads His Case

Halle Berry :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After knocking off the No. 1 seeded Washington Capitals in the first round of the NHL playoffs, the Montreal Canadiens disposed of the No. 4 seeded Pittsburgh Penguins last night. For some reason, a few Canadiens fans decided this was a good reason to riot. Personally, I'd like to beg the fine folks in Montreal to skip the rioting and stick to either singing this Canadiens theme song and/or admiring some of their fine fans in this gallery. As for the Penguins, well, the team is trying to put a positiveembarrassing spin on losing to an eight seed.

Montreal Madness

What do baseball teams do when they have time to kill in between games of a doubleheader? If you're the Detroit Tigers, you get mohawks.

New 'Dos In Detroit has compiled several videos of umpires making emphatic out calls.

Great Time Killer

Umpire :: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Justin W., of Dallas, says, "Rangers-A's, bottom of the 6th, 1 out, Texas catcher Max Ramirez hits a homer in the centerfield grass area and all these kids pile in trying to get the ball. It's quite a scrum, probably nail slashing and biting going on in there. Well, the next clip shows one of the kids has prevailed with the ball. He immediately turns to the crowd and flips them off with both hands and some security guy comes up, scolds him and shoooos him off! Hilarious. You've got to post this clip!" Here you go.

Another Example Of Bad Fan Behavior

The Raptors Amir Johnson responded to folks who told him he looked like Outkast's Andre 3000by making his ownRoses video. Meanwhile, Phoenix radio station KTAR came up withI Kicked a Spur and I Liked It last week.

Musical Interlude

Brooklyn Decker was filming on the beach -- and doing cartwheels -- for her upcoming movie. Meanwhile, Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Candice Swanepoel and Doutzen Kroes did an appearance at a Victoria's Secret yesterday, and this was the result.

Models Everywhere

With all eyes on LeBron James for tonight's Game 6 in the Boston-Cleveland series, maybe this old video can help inspire The King to turn things around. (Thanks to Brad, of Cleveland, for the link.)

LeBron James Video Of The Day

Tim Dwyer, of Wichita, Kan., sent in this video of Kansas basketball coach Bill Self promoting an upcoming "retro night" charity event at the school. That video was good enough, but someone topped it by making the one below.

Retro Video Of The Day?

You've probably seen this video of a 12-year-old doing Lady Gaga's Paparazzi (it has more than 8 million views), but in case you haven't, here you go.

Viral Video Of The Day?