LeBron James about to become sports biggest villain

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Friday, May 14

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Could LeBron become a villain?

If LeBron James leaves Cleveland, he can only go to one city -- leaving the others out in the cold. James' image will take a major pounding from these jilted lovers. Bouquets will be replaced by brickbats. The possibility exists that the free agency blueprint that LeBron and his associates crafted could end up damaging the King James brand. Not to worry, James will still be raking in mega moolah when he signs his new max contract. He will still be the NBA's endorsement king. Yet when an image starts cracking, even the tiniest bit, it ain't good for business. Especially for someone who places himself on higher ground. (New York Daily News)Comment

Astros' Oswalt ready to move on

Though he has a full no-trade and a hefty contract, Roy Oswalt made it known he's willing to go elsewhere. The 32-year-old is 2-4 so far this year with 45 strikeouts and a 2.63 ERA. He has told Sirius Radio that he's open to a trade if it'll help the Astros: "When you get to a point where you need to start rebuilding, they're going to start with a guy that's got a lot of value and I understand that if I'm throwing well that they maybe can get two or three guys that can fill holes that they need. I told them from the very beginning when they get to that point I would be open to [being traded]." (Yahoo! Sports)Comment

Expansion a failure without Texas, ND

The Big (fill in # here) is only a prestigious conference if it has a new jewel. The conference that gets the state of Texas wins this arms race of collegiate superpowers. Notre Dame becomes an acceptable consolation prize in the wake of a Lone Star snub. But should the Big Ten fail in luring either Texas or the Irish, any new 14- or 16-team realignment would stand considerably shy of college sports' first true super conference. An amalgam of Missouri, Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Connecticut, Rutgers or Maryland disappoints more than excites, establishing another missed opportunity for a conference that too often can't flex its muscle without reflexively punching itself in the head. It's only "super" if it includes the Texas Longhorns or Notre Dame. Anything less is a joke. (Detroit Free Press)Comment

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LeBron James' triple-double, which included 10 assists, was overshadowed by his nine turnovers in the Cavs' season-ending loss to the Celtics on Thursday night. :: Getty Images

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To add to the misery Cleveland sports fans are feeling after the Cavs bowed out of the NBA playoffs, here's a look at another heartbreaking defeat -- John Elway's "The Drive" in the 1986 AFC Championship Game.

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NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals, Game 7: Flyers at Bruins, 7 p.m. (Series tied 3-3)

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