Hot Clicks: Jana Kramer; England fans choose World Cup over Cherly Cole

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According to a new poll in England, 12 percent of those who responded said they would give up sex for a year if England won the World Cup. And 51 percent said they'd pass on an evening with Cheryl Cole if it meant England winning the tournament.

Soccer Over Sex


The hockey season ended in a disastrous way for Boston fans, but maybe this can cheer them up. Miss Massachusetts has an NHL connection. Actually, that won't cheer them up. But Miss Massachusetts is quite stunning. Maybe THAT will cheer them up.

Mass Appeal

While some folks in this country were flipping out because a Phillies fan ran onto the field a couple of weeks ago, soccer fans in Turkey set the stadium on fire after their team earned a tie.

What Would They Have Done After A Loss?

Michael H., of Agoura Hills, Calif., says, "Hey, Jimmy, I just turned 21 and love Hot Clicks. As my birthday present, can Jana Kramer be the LLOD? I did not know who she was before VH-1s Undateable, but I have now fallen in love with her. She is gorgeous. Keep up the good work." Yes, she is. Happy birthday.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jana Kramer :: Getty Images

Barry Zito leaves the best voicemails.

You Have To Hear It To Believe It

The newest site dedicated to messing with people (a la Hot Clicks Nation favorite is It's fascinating just to see how often people will write back to a total stranger. (Warning: Both links contain strong language.)