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Hot Clicks: Miss Bikini competition; Phil Jackson scolds Chris Rock

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Hot Clicks Nations, you've let me down -- and I've let you down. The 35th Miss Bikini International World competition took place last Saturday and not one of you alerted me to this? I'm hurt and offended. But I also deserve to be criticized. It's my job to find these things out and I'm disappointed it took me six days to become aware of this. I mean, the event is so huge that even CBS News covered it. And, yes, there is a photo gallery. Actually, there are two.

Better Late Than Never

Miss Bikini International :: AP

Check out this cool story that details how and why Doc Rivers stashed away $2,600 in cash at the Staples Center.

Who Needs The Bank?

Some dude is walking -- WALKING -- from Boston to New York City in order to win a bet. His prize if he pulls it off without collapsing? Second row midcourt seats to Games 3, 4 and 5 of the NBA Finals in Beantown.

Wager Of The Day

I can't figure out what's dumber: Analyst Mark Jackson telling us how Kobe Bryant is a "different breed" because he's so unbelievably focused that he didn't laugh or crack a smile when Chris Rock was talking to him last night. Or Phil Jackson getting all hot and bothered because ABC did a sideline report with Chris Rock right next to the Lakers bench during game action. Both incidents can be viewed here.

Chris Rock Causes People To Lose Their Minds

Chris Rock :: Robyn Beck/Getty Images

While Phil Jackson and Mark Jackson provided the lameness last night, Ron Artest, of all people, did the opposite and spent $18,000 out of his own pocket so two random fans could sit in the front row.

On The Flip Side...

Food Network Iron Chef Michael Symonsays he'll go toLeBron James' house and cook a meal for him and his family if he re-signs with the Cavaliers.

SI Recommends

Today's "Courting LeBron" Update

Carl Pavano's new mustache is outstanding. ... The Dodgers are giving out this '70s-inspired poster of James Loney and Casey Blake at tonight's game. ... The Oniontakes on soccer.

Random Links

The first-place Cincinnati Reds inspired this tune, titled Proud Dusty (Rolen on the River).

Sports Video Of The Day

If this guy is married, there must have been hell to pay when he got home last night.

Sexist Anchor Video Of The Day

UPDATE, 11:26 a.m.: The anchor tried to defend his remark this morning.

I won't lie to you. I once tried to go up on the down escalator. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I feel this guy's pain.

Escalator Video Of The Day