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Hot Clicks: Erica Cerra; Stephen Strasburg odds

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The Stephen Strasburg hype will reach new levels tomorrow when the pitcher makes his much-anticipated big-league debut against the Pirates on the MLB Network. How big has the hype gotten? A Virginia town has made plans to change its name to "Stephen Strasburg." Meanwhile, here are some interesting odds, courtesy of, on the 21-year-old right-hander.

He's Almost Here

Stephen Strasburg :: Chuck Solomon/SI

Total wins in the 2010 Regular Season?
Over 7 1/2 (Even)
Under 7 1/2 (-130)

What will be the result of his first called pitch?
Ball +120
Strike -150

Total strikeouts in the game
Over 5 1/2 (-130)
Under 5 1/2 (Even)

Total innings pitched in the game
Over 6 (-130)
Under 6 (Even)

For more Strasburg odds, click here.

The World Cup begins Friday, so Hot Clicks will try to provide preview links throughout the week. Today, we bring you a preview that compares World Cup teams to NFL teams and suggested fight songs for each country.

Speaking Of Hype...

In case you missed it last night, while the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup were going on, check out a kid in the outfield getting nailed by an Albert Pujols home run. (Thanks to Jason A., of Ruston, La., and Kevin T., of Fulton, Mo., for the tip.)

The Game's Most Dangerous Hitter

David, of Gaithersburg, Md., says, "Jimmy, I read Hot Clicks every day and love the format since it went to the AM/PM edition. Anyway, I was watching the direct-to-video movie The Stranger with Steve Austin. The movie is what you would expect given the 'actor' and it's direct-to-video. Anyway, Google the main actresses, Erica Cerra. She is amazingly beautiful and probably blows away at least 75 percent of the previous LLODs." With a plea like that, I had to honor David's request and give Cerra the LLOD.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Erica Cerra :: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

SI Recommends

Cleveland Browns return specialist Josh Cribbs has signed the "Witness" car that Hot Clicks featured a couple of weeks ago as a way to show he supports LeBron re-signing with the Cavs. Chicagoland Speedway has offered to rename itself "LeBron James Speedway." Lastly, Howard Stern revealed on his Sirius Satellite Radio Show this morning that he was asked by someone to join a group of celebrities who are trying to help recruit James to New York. You can find the recap of Stern's comments at the 8:05 mark of this show recap that contains major, major adult language (it's a Howard Stern Show recap, what do you expect?).

Today's "Courting LeBron" Update

Just this: Patrick Ewing and Webster, aka Emmanuel Lewis.

SI Photo Of The Day

I'm going to try to make this a daily feature in the P.M. Hot Clicks since I see all sorts of tremendous stuff on Twitter throughout the day. Via @JamieMottram comes this look at the prop newspaper used on all TV shows.

Cool Link Found On Twitter Today

With the Blackhawks one win away from a Stanley Cup championship, I have to run this creative homemade musical tribute today. Warning: The chorus features the f-bomb. (Thanks to David Raborn, of Edmonton, Canada, for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Comedian Bruce Fine has reworked Billy Joel's classic tune, We Didn't Start the Fire, into this 2010 version.

Music Video Of The Day

I've been wanting to mention this one for a while, but kept forgetting until Johnston Ho, of Victoria, British Columbia, e-mailed to point out the absurdity of this infomerical for an egg cracker.

Dumb Product/Commercial Of The Day