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Morning Jolt: Brady won't do Pats any favors

Tuesday, June 8

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Brady will do Pats no favors

Tom Brady, who has probably earned the leverage in negotiating, chose not to end the whispers. "Things happen, some are out of your control. You just gotta go with the flow." -- [Brady] on his contract talks with the Patriots. [The Patriots quarterback] had the chance to put all speculation to rest, to nip all concern in the bud, to ensure there was no disconnect at all between him and the Patriots. He opted not to. He chose his words carefully and delicately, and he consequently made it astonishingly clear that he is not likely to do the Patriots any favors this time. (The Boston Globe)Comment

The 'other Izzo' loves this attention

While sorting the smoke from the fire in the pursuit of Tom Izzo by MSU alum Dan Gilbert, Izzo, according to a report, may be enjoying the courting process. Wiggle room means he can leave, but more than that, wiggle room means people have to worry he might leave. And that gives Izzo leverage -- not just contractually, but emotionally. It means MSU has to worry about pleasing him. In the public eye, the marriage of Izzo and MSU seems simple and perfect: underdog, small-town Michigan guy and an underappreciated Michigan university. The reality is that, like most marriages, this one is a lot more complicated than people think it is. (Detroit Free Press)Comment

Singletary disappointed in QB's growth

Former Ball State QB Nate Davis may have endeared himself to the 49ers faithful, but he still has some work to do on his coach. [Davis] became a fan favorite after an impressive preseason last year. But today Mike Singletary said he wants to see more progress out of the second-year quarterback. "You know he's coming -- not as fast as you would like," Singletary said after the team's OTA session today. "And not as fast as the coaches would like. But he's coming." (The Sacramento Bee)Comment

Must-See Photo

With the 2010 World Cup beginning on Friday, children play soccer in front of a setting sun in Magaliesburg, South Africa. (Mike Hewitt/FIFA/Getty Images)

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With Nats pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg set to make his MLB debut against the Pirates on Tuesday night, here's a blast from the past: Strasburg striking out 23 Utah hitters in a game back in 2008.

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NBA Finals Game 3: Lakers at Celtics, 9 p.m. ET, ABC

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This Day in Sports

  • 1921 -- Babe Ruth arrested for speeding, fined $100 and briefly held in jail.
  • 1950 -- Boston Red Sox beat St. Louis Browns 29-4 (winning by a record 25 runs).
  • 1955 -- Dodgers option Tommy Lasorda to make room on the roster for Sandy Koufax.
  • 1966 -- NFL and AFL announce plans to become NFC and AFC in 1970.
  • 1977 -- Nolan Ryan notches his fourth career 19-strikeout game.
  • 1992 -- Yankees pitcher Steve Howe is banned from baseball for seventh time.