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Morning Jolt: Is A-Rod hiding another injury?

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Friday, June 11

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Is A-Rod hiding another injury?

Alex Rodriguez didn't like being asked, but invited another question while explaining his departure from Thursday's game. As he was telling reporters about that, he also mentioned that he would speak with Dr. Marc Philippon, the surgeon that operated on his hip. Uh..... Rodriguez said his hip feels "fine," but why would he be looking to speak with Philippon? Asked that very question, A-Rod tried to turn the tables on the reporter that asked it. "That's kind of a crazy question," he said. "It's the right hip, and the right hip is next to (the groin). There's not a controversy. Don't look for something that's not there." Maybe something is there, maybe it's not. But the fact that the hip surgeon is being brought into the equation is interesting. Stay tuned. This story may be far from over. (New York Daily News)Comment

Ailing Bynum key for Lakers

The Big 1/3 may be a better way to characterize the Celtics these days, though it may not be an issue if Andrew Bynum -- who said Thursday night he'll play in Game 5 -- is limited to the extent he was in Game 4. The Lakers went back into bug-on-the-Celtics-windshield mode. With Bynum gone, Kendrick Perkins went back to pounding on Pau Gasol, who went into flamingo-in-a-cement-mixer mode with Lamar Odom in deer-in-headlights mode. ... The Lakers can hold their own, physically, with Bynum available. If there's no Andrew in Game 5 Sunday, or as little as there was in Game 4, Jackson will have to come up with something he couldn't come up with in 2008. (The Los Angeles Times)Comment

Braves' McLouth may land on DL

Not many would win in a collision with Jason Heyward, and Nate McLouth is now living proof after an eighth-inning run-in Wednesday night. The center fielder still had a severe headache late Thursday afternoon, and manager Bobby Cox said the Braves might have to put McLouth on the 15-day disabled list. ... McLouth took a computer-based test Thursday that's designed to diagnose concussions by comparing a player's answers to a baseline test each player took during spring training. "I haven't seen the results yet," said McLouth, who didn't know if the DL was necessary. "I guess it's hard to tell because it's not even been 24 hours yet. It's not my choice, but maybe if I still felt this way tomorrow, then that would be a little bit different." (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)Comment

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Glen Davis (front) and Nate Robinson came off the bench to spark Boston's 96-89 win over Los Angeles, evening the series at 2-2. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

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