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Celtics-Lakers (Related Stories)

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Celtics-Lakers stories from the SI Vault

• Short, Sweet Series For Slick CelticsBy Jeremiah Tax, April 20, 1959Two of pro basketball's weaker franchises were greatly strengthened in the playoffs won by the squad of superstars from Boston.

• Too Much To Beat This YearBy Arlie W. Schardt, April 30, 1962By the narrowest of margins and with some high-jumping help the Celtics beat the Lakers, but in the process identified a formidable future foe.

• The Playoff Was Child's PlayBy Frank Deford, May 3, 1965Against a Los Angeles squad depleted by injuries, the Boston Celtics coasted to their seventh straight world title and their eighth in nine years -- an awesome, if monotonous, series of performances.

• This One Was Worth Shouting AboutBy Frank Deford, May 13, 1968With a coach at center who has mastered his job and a remarkable lieutenant who whirls around him, the Celtics do it again.

• The Last Drop In The BucketBy Frank Deford, May 12, 1969John Havlicek and Jerry West were the stars as the Celtics and the Lakers, showing the wear and tear of a long season, took their desperate battle for the world basketball championship to the seventh game.

SI Recommends

• Two For The ShowBy Daniel S. Looney, October 15, 1979The Celtics' Larry Bird and Lakers' Magic Johnson have the hottest hands to hit the beleaguered NBA in a long time.

• Green And White And Red All OverBy Anthony Cotton, June 25, 1984The Boston Celtics, the team Red Auerbach built, beat the Los Angeles Lakers in the seventh game to capture Red's 15th world championship.

• Finally, A Happy Laker LandingBy Alexander Wolff, June 17, 1985Los Angeles overcame its history of failure against the Celtics and won the NBA championship in Boston.

• Beantown ShowdownBy Jack McCallum, December 22, 1986L.A.'s rejuvenated Lakers snapped the Celtics' Garden winning streak, exposing a barren Boston bench.

• Your Ball, L.A.By Jack McCallum, June 22, 1987With a Magical fast break and inspired play from a revered center, Los Angeles beat Boston for the NBA championship.

• Gut ChecksBy Tim Crothers, May 8, 1995The Celtics, the Cavs and the Lakers took brutal playoff lickings and came back ticking.

• Mass. HysteriaBy Steve Rushin, April 15, 2002With the Celtics in the hunt and the Lakers in town, Boston fans have plenty to get fired up about.

• The FinalsBy Jack McCallum, June 25, 2008The renewal of an epic rivalry lived up to the hype as the Celtics won the NBA Championship for the first time in 22 years.