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• Stephen Strasburg Is Ready To Bring ItBy Lee Jenkins, March 30, 2009Out-of-shape and overlooked coming out of high school, the San Diego State righthander now throws triple-digit heat to go with pinpoint control, making him the likely first pick in June.

• Strasburg vs. Nats is shaping up as biggest battle in draft historyBy Jon Heyman, June 8, 2009A Washington Nationals official pretended on Sunday not to know a thing about Stephen Strasburg, the San Diego State pitching phenom who's expected to go first to the Nats in Tuesday's draft. "What's Tuesday? Who's Strasburg?'' he said, feigning ignorance.

• Strasburg signing brings a rare feeling of optimism to D.C.By Ted Keith, August 18, 2009Now that Stephen Strasburg has agreed to a four-year contract worth more than $15 million, for the first time in the Nationals brief history, there is considerable cause for optimism.

• Top 10 for '10: What I'm most looking forward to this seasonBy Tom Verducci, March 31, 2010A new year brings new storylines. It's much of the magic of Opening Day -- the anticipation of what is to come, like the first page of a good book or the clackety-clack slow climb of a roller coaster up the first hill. When it comes to the baseball storylines I most eagerly await this year, here are my favorites: the top 10 for '10:

• What Took You So Long?By Joe Posnanski, June 7, 2010A year after he was the No. 1 pick, Stephen Strasburg is ready to join the Show. Memo to those who think he can't possibly live up to the hype: Wait till you see him pitch.

• After just one start, Nats' Stephen Strasburg is game's biggest drawBy Tom Verducci, June 11, 2010With one start Stephen Strasburg gave baseball something it has needed for years: a national drawing card.