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Pete Carroll (Related Stories)

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Pete Carroll stories from the SI Vault

• Easy Does ItBy Tim Crothers, September 12, 1994Inspired by the relaxed approach of their new coach Pete Carroll, the New York Jets beat the Buffalo Bills.

• Back To SchoolBy Ivan Meisel, November 5, 2001Three former NFL coaches do the unusual: leave the pros for college.

• Defense of TroyBy Mark Beech, October 27, 2003USC's title hopes have been boosted by a sack-happy, ball-hawking D modeled on the Super Bowl champs' Buccaneers.

• Trojan ForceBy Tim Layden, November 10, 2003Led by zealous coach Pete Carroll, USC is summoning up memories of Pac-10 glory and making an impassioned run at its first outright national title in three decades.

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SI Recommends

• Fountain Of YouthBy Austin Murphy, August 16, 2004USC football has been revitalized thanks to a wellspring of blue-chip recruits who contribute right away.

• Without A DoubtBy Austin Murphy, January 10, 2005After a thundering Orange Bowl victory, a young USC team has back-to-back national titles, 22 straight wins and the makings of a dynasty.

• Youth Will ServeBy Austin Murphy, February 17, 2005The Trojans' young-at-heart coach believes ability, not age, should determine who plays.

• Nation's Love Affair With Trojans Now Appears To Have Hit the RocksBy Stewart Mandel, November 20, 2008USC coach Pete Carroll is perplexed. For the fifth time in six seasons, his team has won nine of its first 10 games, yet this time the Trojans seem to have little chance of playing for the BCS championship.

• Home GrownBy Andy Staples, January 26, 2009As USC has shown, signing the top local and in-state talent is the foundation for a college powerhouse.• At Long Last, Carroll Ready For NFLBy Stewart Mandel, January 11, 2010Whenever Pete Carroll entertained NFL suitors before -- he interviewed with the Miami Dolphins following the 2006 season, he held conversations with the Atlanta Falcons a year later -- the question most of us asked was, "Why would he leave?"

• Student Body RightBy Joe Posnanski, January 25, 2010Coaches can bolt, but players are stuck. They shouldn't be.

• Chaos Theory: How Carroll's Move Impacted Recruiting NationwideBy Andy Staples, February 2, 2010Anyone who read Jurassic Park understands the concept of Chaos Theory. The most common example used to describe the theory involves a butterfly flapping its wings off the coast of Japan and setting off a chain reaction of events that eventually causes a thunderstorm halfway around the world.