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Hot Clicks: Cheerleading controversy; Ohio politician disses LeBron

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There's a big court case going on in Connecticut right now that's trying to determine whether cheerleadering is a sport. Obviously, Hot Clicks says, "Hell, yes, it is." But even if that case determines it's not a sport, I want to assure you, Hot Clicks Nation, that cheerleaders will always be a part of this column.

Cheerleading Controversy

NFL Cheerleaders :: Stewart Shining/Getty Images

The Blue-Jays Phillies series this weekend was supposed to be played in Toronto, but had to be moved to Philadelphia because of the G20 Summit taking place in Toronto. The news didn't sit well with this Blue Jays fan who is mad about missing Roy Halladay's return to Canada. So she's voicing her displeasure through song. (Thanks to Mitch Gascoyne, of Toronto, for the link.)

The Doc Halladay Song

Ohio gubernatorial candidate John Kasichhas caused a stir in his state by saying LeBron James is the last person he's worried about.

Today's "Courting LeBron" Update

The Phillie Phanatic is being sued after stepping on a women's thighs. The woman, who has arthritis, claims the incident led to her needing knee replacement surgery.

I'm Not Making This Up

Phillie Phanatic :: Hunter Martin/Getty Images

The NHL Awards Show airs tonight night on Versus at 7:30 ET. Snoop Dogg, who is schedule to perform, discusses his love of the sport and many other things in this highly amusing interview.

The NHL's Biggest Fans

Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks told you about the Pirates firing one of their pierogi mascots because he criticized the team on Facebook. Well, the story has a happy ending because the pierogi has been rehired.

Pirates Pierogi Perseveres ranks the 50 best raunchy teen comedies of all time. I guess I can't complain that my No. 1, American Pie, came in at a very respectable No. 6.

List Of The Day

If you're not familiar with MTV's Silent Library, here's the premise, via the network: "A team of six contestants attempts a series of offbeat challenges to win money. The show is set in a library, so the players must remain quiet. The contestants draw cards, and the player who gets the one with skull and crossbones must complete a bizarre task or endure an unusual punishment. If they do so without laughing, the show's host, Zero Kazama, awards them money. But if the team cracks up or is otherwise too loud, they lose."

Silent Library Video Of The Day -- Part I

OK, why am I telling you this? Because six New York Giants players -- Kevin Boss, Chris Snee, Rich Seubert, Dave Tollefson, Shaun O'Hara and Dave Diehl -- appear on the episode that airs Monday, June 28. Below is a preview clip in which O'Hara gets nailed in the face with tennis balls. Believe me, it's much funnier than it sounds.

MTV Shows

In this clip, tight end Kevin Boss gets bitten by an elderly man. Again, believe me when I tell you it's much funnier than it sounds.

Silent Library Video Of The Day -- Part II

MTV Shows

Bad job by whoever banned this gem.

Banned Commercial Of The Day