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Hot Clicks: Caitlin Upton; Walter Payton runs the Wildcat offense

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How about some football in the middle of summer? Here's video of Walter Paytonrunning the Wildcat in 1984.

Walter And The Wildcat

Walter Payton :: James V. Biever/Getty Images

"He's signing with the Bulls." "The Cavs have the edge to re-sign him." "There was a summit." "There wasn't a summit." This is the nonsense we're being fed on a minute-by-minute basis. Luckily for us, the Sports Hernia has explained what's really going on here. (Warning: Link contains very strong language.)

LeBron James Hysteria Reaches Ridiculous Level

The best thing to come out of this World Cup would not be Americans embracing soccer. It would be Americans embracing this urinal. There should be a rule, however, that if you use it, someone has to stand behind you and blow into a vuvuzela to distract you.

The Beautiful Game

Caitlin Upton became a YouTube hit in 2007 when she gave a long-winded answer at the Miss Teen USA pageant. Today, she's posing forMaxim and getting Hot Clicks' LLOD honor.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Ryan Getzlaf, Bobby Ryan :: Debora Robinson/Getty Images

LaDainian Tomlinsonrecently added a Jets tattoo to go with his Chargers tattoo.

L.T.'s Tat -- Take Two

Check outTerrell Owens as you've never seen him before.

SI Vault Photo Of The Day

What is Hot Clicks friend Chris Cooley up to these days?

Sports Video Of The Day

Stick around for the whole thing. (Thanks to @JESkeets for the link.) (Warning: There is some strong language toward the end.)

Frustrated Shopper Video Of The Day

What do you expect when you buy something from the dollar store?

Ridiculous News Report Of The Day