July 05, 2010

LeBron James stories in the SI Vault

• Ahead of His Class By Grant Wahl, February 18, 2002Ohio high school junior LeBron James is so good that he's already being mentioned as the heir to Air Jordan.

You Gotta Carry That WeightBy Jack McCallum, October 27, 2003Can an 18-year-old shoulder the burden of a league, a city and a few corporations?

The Future Is Now By Charles P. Pierce, February 21, 2005When you consider the dazzling arc of his career, it's no surprise that LeBron James, at the tender age of 20, is being measured against the greatest players in the NBA.

LeBron Act IIBy Chris Ballard, April 24, 2006 He's the Cavaliers' leader and an MVP candidate-and deep down, at 21, still a kid. LeBron James charges into the second phase of his unparalleled career with his playoff debut this weekend.

His Kingdom ComeBy Jack McCallum, June 11, 2007 In often regal fashion--and with one game for the ages -- LeBron James carried the Cavaliers past Detroit to their first NBA Finals. And let there be no doubt: A new era has begun.

The Power Of LeBronBy Chris Ballard, February 02, 2009 He outweighs centers and outruns guards. He is getting bigger, stronger and smarter -- he even sees better. To appreciate the ways in which is evolving, first you have to break him down.

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