Hot Clicks: Larissa Riquelme; LeBron James Decision; Rangers fan falls

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Last week, Hot Clicks told you about lingerie model Larissa Riquelme, who promised to run through the streets of Paraguay naked if her home country won the World Cup. Well, Paraguay was eliminated Saturday. However, Riquelme has announced she will still go through with the show as "a present to all of the players, and for all the people in Paraguay to enjoy." Meanwhile, to see more female fans who've attended the World Cup, like the one above, check out this gallery.

What A Trouper

Australia World Cup fan :: Javier Soriano/AFP/Getty Images

LeBron James had decided the spotlight hasn't been shining on him enough lately, so he's going on ESPN Thursday night to announce his free-agent decision. The money generated from the show's ads will be donated to charity, but let's be honest; James is worth millions of dollars. He doesn't need to create this spectacle to donate some of his money to charity. This circus is about ego and Brand LeBron. As for what this means on the court, I have to assume he'll re-sign with Cleveland because if he's taking up an hour show to announce he's bolting his hometown, well, that would be pretty ballsy. Oh, one more thing to add to this farce. Here's the opening sentence of a story on right now: "LeBron James is planning to announce the team with which he will sign during a one-hour special on ESPN Thursday night, ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard has learned through independent sources." So the network that's airing the show has learned about the show through independent sources? Alrighty, then.

Lame LeBron

In a frightening scene at last night's Indians-Rangers game, a fan fell from the second deck into the first deck while trying to catch a foul ball. The game was delayed 16 minutes, and while the fan was conscious and able to move all of his extremities, Larry Brown Sports is reporting that he has a broken ankle and fractured skull. Meanwhile, on a MUCH lighter note, in the same game, some big dude boxed out a kid and knocked him face first into a fence to get a foul ball. However, the mean guy saw the error of his ways and gave the ball to the kid.

Wild Times In Texas

Down 9-3 in the bottom of the ninth last night, the Colorado Rockies put a nine spot on the board to beat the Cardinals 12-9. Unless you're a St. Louis fan, you gotta watchSeth Smith's three-run walkoff homer.

In Case You Missed It...

Sean Smith :: AP

The most memorable kick of the World Cup came yesterday.

The Beautiful Game

Michelle Wiegave an interesting answer when recently asked if she was a Phi Beta Kappa. ... Tiger Woods faced some tough questions from the St. Andrews media yesterday and things got icy. ... The World Cup of WAGs tournament that Hot Clicks has linked to a few times over the past couple of weeks is down to the Final Four. ... Marisa Millerwas just named the Earth's Sexiest Woman by FHM.

Random Links

In yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks, I asked people to vote for Nick Swisher to get the final spot on the American League All-Star roster. Thanks to the power of Hot Clicks Nation, Swisher has since taken the lead on Kevin Youkilis. (I have no idea if Hot Clicks was a factor, but it sounds good, so I'm going with it.) Again, with Swisher battling Paul Konerko, Michael Young and Delmon Young for the spot, I don't expect White Sox, Rangers and Twins fans to vote for Swisher. However, if you don't care about those teams or players, you should vote for Swisher. In fact, Tom Grygiel, of Cornwall, N.Y., provides a great reason to send Swish. He says, "Jimmy, I love Hot Clicks, I can't wait until noon and 5 p.m. during the workday to see what you got going on. We gotta get Swish to the All-Star Game. I'm a big Yankees fan, but became a Swish fan while he was with the White Sox. I heard him interviewed on XM radio and they asked him about his offseason workout routine. He said he just got the 'Perfect Pushup at WalMart for $19.99, you can't beat that!' I mean, how many other rich ballplayers admit to shopping at WalMart?"

Still Need To Send Swish

Will this octopus keep his perfect streak of predicting Germany soccer games in tact today?

Sports Video Of The Day

I posted a video of Friday the 13th with the Benny Hill theme music dubbed in. Today, Matt Ferreira, of Providence, R.I., sends in Friday the 13th with a laugh track dubbed in.

Reworked Movie Of The Day

Darren Kies, of Durham, N.C., says, "I saw a video this weekend that I can't believe I've never seen on Hot Clicks. It's funny for so many reasons. Three words ... Joby the Dog. (Warning: There are a couple of s-bombs -- literally and figuratively)

Dog Video Of The Day