July 12, 2010

Lacrosse stories in the SI Vault

• Skull 'em! Hip 'em! Score!By Booton Herndon, May 9, 1955The old Indian game of lacrosse has come into its own as a spring sport. Its ingredients include brave hearts, stout clubs and a slow whistle.

Massacre On A Muddy PlainBy John Underwood, April 23, 1962Springtime's fiercest game is lacrosse, once played for blood by Indians and now played for glory by collegians. The sport's focal point is Baltimore, where Johns Hopkins fights for a championship.

Murder Ball In A BoxBy Priit J. Vesilind, September 3, 1973The Iroquois revere lacrosse as the game of The Creator, but the indoor version of their ancient sport is rougher than the devil.

Tradition Failed The Iroquois In A Lacrosse Skirmish With The ChampsBy Franz Lidz, July 25, 1983To the Great Lakes Indians, the most celebrated lacrosse game was the victory in 1763 of the Ojibway and Sac tribes at the British garrison of Fort Michilimackinac in what is now northern Michigan. The contest wasn't so memorable, but the postgame festivities were.

Get On The StickBy Alexander Wolff, April 25, 2005A longtime niche sport, lacrosse is the fastest-growing game in the U.S. at every level. The appeal? It's a neat composite of other sports, it's fast, it's easy to learn. And it's cool.

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