Gridiron 11

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Gridiron 11

The Bengals and Terrell Owens reportedly agreed to a one-year deal on Tuesday that unites two of the most outspoken and entertaining gridiron orators of the time, T.O. and Chad Ochocinco. It's also an untenable horror show for Carson Palmer, Antonio Bryant and the Bengals coaching staff, not to mention the fantasy owners of both Owens and No. 85.

Over the last two seasons, more often than not, Owens has been a detriment to his team. The legendary talent that launched him to the top of the NFL's receiving mountain in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas is quickly abandoning him because of sloppy routes, a lost step or two and the inability to hold onto the ball in traffic or even when wide open for that matter. That mountain, while steep even for the strongest player on the way up, has a slippery slope on the decline, and players even greater in their day than T.O. have come crashing down in a hurry. Once that descent begins it's virtually impossible to stop.

Owens is just one of the aging big-name veterans who'll you'll come across on your draft lists but are better off leaving alone. Let someone else worry about whether or not they have anything left in the tank. Although there are a few long-in-the-tooth players who are projected to be good fantasy players, such as Thomas Jones, Randy Moss and LaDainian Tomlinson, for the most part, the running back and wide receiver positions are best manned by the young. Keep telling yourself this during your draft, you'll never go wrong. Here are 11 oldsters to let go by.

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