Hot Clicks: Katherine Connors; fan ejected for wearing LeBron Heat jersey

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Who knew Hot Clicks was so big in Iowa? I can't remember the last time something generated as many e-mails as yesterday's lead item about Nationals pitcher Miguel Batista saying fans who expected to see Stephen Strasburg but got him instead was akin going to if you go to see "Miss Universe, then you end up having Miss Iowa." Well, that opened the floodgates from people who wanted to defend Iowa's honor. I had people e-mailing this link to Miss Iowa 2008, this link and this link to Miss Iowa 2009 and this link and this link to Miss Iowa 2010, Katherine Connors. In fact, Connors even weighed in on this controversial issue, saying "I know I can throw a pitch or two! The question is, can Miguel Batista walk the runway in a swimsuit?" But perhaps the most amusing e-mail on this subject came from Chris, of Des Moines, Iowa, who said, "Carol Morris won the Miss Universe pageant as Miss Iowa USA in 1956. And I dare say she was quite fetching back in her day."

Irate Iowans

Katherine Connors :: Courtesy Miss Universe LP, LLLP

Nationals manager Jim Riggleman said Strasburg will be shut down for 10 days and may go on the DL. This isn't sitting well with U.S. Senator Jim Bunning, who pitched in the big leagues for 17 seasons. He ripped Strasburg's frailty and somehow decided the rookie right-hander isn't that good anymore.

Speaking Of Strasburg...

Apparently an ESPN anchor does not think highly of the Mets new stadium, Citi Field.

Everybody Picks On The Mets

Ron Artestwas recently interviewed by ... Ron Artest. Among the tidbits revealed: Artest loves that god-awful, wretched Celine Dion song from Titanic and he'd like to perform a duet with Dion.

Ron Artest Loves Celine Dion

Ron Artest :: Arnold Turner/Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants are going to hold "Jerry Garcia Tribute Night" on Aug. 9. In an unrelated story, the Pontiac Silverdome is hosting a cannabis convention on Oct. 31. The Lions play at home that day. Make your own jokes.

San Francisco Treat

A Massachusetts women (and Army vet) is going to box one of the porn stars Tiger Woods allegedly had relations with. The woman says she's doing it for Elin.

I Hope She Doesn't Plan On Fighting ALL The Mistresses

I'm not gonna lie. I give this guy credit for having guts. He showed up to last night's Yankees-Indians game IN CLEVELAND wearing a LeBron James Miami Heat jersey. The fans were NOT pleased. (Thanks to Zachary, of Canton, Ohio, for the videos.)

Sports Video Of The Day

And the fan in the video above was eventually kicked out of Progressive Field, which is total BS. Unless you're wearing a shirt that's vulgar or offensive, you should not be kicked out of a stadium.

LeBron Video Of The Day (Cont.)


This reporter gets an unexpected snack.

Live TV Video Of The Day