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Gridiron 11

Gridiron 11

There's only one thing worse to a professional musician than being a one-hit wonder: never having a hit at all. However, for a fantasy football owner, one-hit wonder players can doom an entire season. Think about it: you spend a high pick on someone who had a breakthrough for someone else one season then disappears when he reaches your roster the next. Chances are you could've had someone more proven at that spot but you decided to go with the trendier pick. Sometimes it pays off, but it's not always the case.

This week's Gridiron 11 takes a look at pass-catchers who had breakout seasons in 2009 after spending at least one quiet previous season in the league. Many of them will continue to rise in the league, but some will provide nothing but grief for those unlucky enough to draft them. Here they are in order of least-to-most likely to be a one-hit wonder.

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