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Hot Clicks: Mercedes Terrell; Jimmy Johnson on 'Survivor'


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Hot Clicks told you several weeks ago that Jimmy Johnson would be a contestant on the new season of Survivor: Nicaragua. CBS today released photos of the entire cast and a video preview in which Johnson gives his team a pep talk (at the 2:43 mark). also has video of Johnson talking about the show. And tells us that Johnson auditioned for the show three times and that it saved his life.

From Super Bowls To Survivor

Jimmy Johnson :: CBS (c)2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc.

In case you missed Jeff Van Gundy's comments about the Miami Heat over the weekend, you need to check them out. He basically thinks the Heat will go 82-0 and win each game by at least a 50-point margin. Sadly, this is only a slight exaggeration. By the way, as you know, Jeff's brother, Stan coaches the Orlando Magic (and was fired by Miami). You think there's any chance Jeff is just trying to increase the pressure on the Miami franchise?

Bold Predictions

The team's second banana, LeBron James, upset a lot of people when he left Cleveland for Miami. You can now add his girlfriend to that list.

Speaking Of The Heat...

Ty, of Indy, (now in Denver), says, "Hey, Jimmy, I've got a suggestion for LLOD since there seems to be a few repeaters (by no means is that a complaint). Give some love to us Supercross/Motocross fans by making Miss Supercross 2010-11 Mercedes Terrell the LLOD. I'm sure you wouldn't oppose." Good assumption.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Mercedes Terrell ::

Middle Tennessee State is giving you a chance to introduce its 2010-11 squad at one home game this season. Yes, you. Watch this video and after a minute or so, you will be instructed to put in your phone number. Once you do that, a script will pop up and you will immediately get a call. You'll be asked to record your part. I actually did this, and it's legit. (Thanks to Dustin, of Nashville, for the tip.)

SI Recommends

Brilliant Marketing Idea

This picture of a Seahawks fan was taken in 1990. Twenty years later, it's still cringe-worthy.

SI Vault Photo Of The Day

Kenny Chesney's new video, The Boys of Fall, features Saints coach Sean Payton channeling his inner Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights reference). And there's plenty of more football throughout the video. (Thanks to Ted Wall, of Montreal, Quebec, for the link.)

Music Video Of The Day

Hot Clicks periodically features first-dance videos. We've never posted one quite like this. (Thanks to Bob, of Austin, Texas, for the video.)

Wedding Video Of The Day

There isn't a good way for me to describe this video. All I can say is that it's two dudes running around, jumping on things and climbing things. But it's oddly enjoyable. And there's a cliffhanger at the end. (Thanks to Frank Boccia, of Alpharetta, Ga., for the video.)

Stunts Video Of The Day