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Remember the Alamo -- and all other new bowl partnerships


Fans who have been watching college bowl games for at least the past decade have come to associate the Alamo Bowl with the Big 12 and Big Ten. This year, however, they'll need to make an adjustment. After getting stuck with two 6-6 Big Ten teams over the past four seasons, Alamo Bowl CEO Derrick Fox managed to increase his game's per-school payout from roughly $2.2 million to $3 million for the new four-year cycle. He also convinced the Pac-10 to start sending its second-place team to San Antonio rather than San Diego (home of the Holiday Bowl) in place of the Big Ten.

"Every four years you get the chance to move up or hold serve," said Fox. "We had a great 15-year run with the Big 12 vs. Big Ten matchup ... this was a chance to move up two or three choices on one end and get a team that just missed the BCS."

The Alamo is far from the only bowl looking at a new lot. All told, 12 of the 28 non-BCS bowls returning from last season have at least one new conference partner this season, while several others have moved either up or down in a league's pecking order. The New Year's Day Gator Bowl made the most radical change, swapping the ACC and Big East for the SEC and Big Ten. Meanwhile, two new games -- the Dallas Football Classic (Big Ten vs. Conference USA) at Cotton Bowl Stadium and the Pinstripe Bowl (Big 12 vs. Big East) at Yankee Stadium -- debut, while the International Bowl in Toronto is now defunct and the game formerly known as the Emerald Bowl, played in San Francisco, is now the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

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