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Hot Clicks: Emmanuelle Chriqui; Antonio Cromartie; Bull jumps into crowd

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The top story in sports this morning, as far as Hot Clicks is concerned, was the stellar episode of HBO's Hard Knocks that aired last night. However, I can't really kick things off with a picture of Antonio Cromartie. So, Hot Clicks is featuring the other best thing about HBO, Entourage's Emmanuelle Chriqui, in this must-see gallery. More on Hard Knocks and Cromartie below. (Thanks to Roy, of Brainerd, Minn., for the link.)

Honoring HBO

Emmanuelle Chriqui :: HBO

Yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks featured the story of an Auburn fan who got a lower-back tattoo for $200 as part of a dare. That prompted Mikhail, of Brooklyn, N.Y., to write, "More crazy sports tattoos! Jimmy, you should get something like this!" Another reader who asked to stay anonymous wrote, "I know that War Eagle Tattoo was pretty bad, but I got one for ya. This was a kid I knew from Florida. It was supposed to be Gator scales showing through the skin, but the execution was just a little off."

More Crazy Sports Tattoos

Few things generate as much debate as a list of the all-time greatest announcers of all time. Fang's Bites has posted his list for each sport. If you disagree with anything, e-mail him or write in the comments section of his blog. I didn't write the list, so please don't take any issues you have out on me.

Don't E-Mail Me

Here's what you missed if you didn't see Hard Knocks last night. 1) Rex Ryan barely dropped any f-bombs. 2) Bart Scott gave a good reason why USC rookie running back Joe McKnight has been a disappointment in camp: "He's just mad he's taking a pay cut." 3) Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, who signed a deal for $28 million guaranteed and up to $50.5 million, ordered dinner and scoffed when he had to pay 59 cents for ranch dressing. 4) There was an awkward moment when backup quarterback Mark Brunell revealed he had a daughter who was about to start college and told Sanchez to stay away from her. 5) The entire team, including coaches, worked out with the Shake Weight. And last, but certainly not least, was cornerback Antonio Cromartie (eight kids with seven mothers) trying to remember the names and ages of all his kids. High school kids taking the SATs think less than Cromartie did while answering the question.


Antonio Cromartie :: AP

Hot Clicks recently told you about a Minor League promotion in which a fan would be given the chance to set a guy on fire. Here's how that "event" went.

Burnin' Up

Since I started things off by mentioning Entourage, here isChris Bosh's cameo from the last episode. ... These 10,276 people in China broke the world record for the biggest human domino chain. ... WNBA star Candace Parkershows no mercy toward her 2-year-old daughter.

Random Links

This happened at a bullfight in Spain on Wednesday. (Thanks to P-Max, of La Pesse, France, for the video.)

Holy S--- Video Of The Day

Hot Clicks featured a video from these guys doing some crazy pool basketball shots last summer. They're back with a brand new, better-than-ever version.

Pool Basketball Video Of The Day

I'd like to meet anyone who watched this clip and then bought the product. Then I'd like to smack that person. (Thanks to Donel, of Ann Arbor, Mich., for the link.)

Absurd Product Demonstration Video Of The Day