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Separation week sees trio of teams make big moves in standings

When the 2010 season is reviewed, this past week may be known as Separation Week. Several playoff races became a little less murky, particularly in the American League Central and National League West. The Twins won six straight, as the White Sox lost four straight to give Minnesota a five-game lead; meanwhile, the Padres have won 9 of their last 10, including four in a row to take a six-game lead, as the Giants lost three in a row and four out of five.

Something similar happened in the NL Central as the Reds won five straight and the Cardinals lost four in a row, but Cincinnati started the stretch behind in the division, so its lead is currently only three games. Similarly, the Phillies have won four consecutive games to overtake the Giants on the NL wild-card leaderboard by two games.

So while the Rays and Yankees continue to flip-flop on the No. 1 spot of the Power Rankings, a little clarity has come to the rest of the Top 10, with the Twins, Phillies and Reds all moving up several spots as the White Sox, Cardinals and Giants all took a hit.

MLB Power Rankings

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