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Hot Clicks: Broncos cheerleader; Vin Scully to return in 2011

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Hot Clicks continues its weekly countdown to the first NFL Sunday by highlighting a cheerleading squad from each division. We've already covered the AFC East, NFC East and NFC West. Today, we'll go to the AFC West and feature a team that's full of intrigue thanks to a certain rookie quarterback, the Denver Broncos.

Three Weeks To Go

Broncos cheerleader ::

If you wagered on last night's Vikings-49ers game, the very last play was of interest since San Francisco was favored by 3. Of course, this wasn't lost on Al Michaels, who got giddy making the call.

It's Not Preseason For Everyone

The 25th anniversary of Pete Rose setting baseball's all-time hit record is Sept. 11. The Reds wanted to honor him that day at Great American Ballpark. However, Rose passed because he has a prior commitment -- at a casino.

For Pete's Sake

I've had this picture in Hot Clicks once before, but I had to trot it out again since Vin Scully announced Sunday that he would return to the broadcast booth in 2011 for his 62nd season calling games. Here's a look at Scully's top nine calls of all time.

Happy Returns

Vin Scully :: David Livingston/Getty Images

It's not just athletes who use their job to impress the ladies. The Oakland A's ballboy kept giving one female fan foul balls throughout Friday night's game in hopes of getting a date.

SI Recommends

A Love Story is looking at nine defunct sports venues we wish were still around. One notable omission, however, is old Tigers Stadium. I was lucky enough to watch a game there once, and while it looked hideous from the outside, it was simply awesome inside.

Priceless Places

As you probably know by now, Jay Mariotti, who works for ESPN and AOL Fanhouse, was arrested on felony charges following a "domestic incident" over the weekend. Obviously, Mariotti is innocent until proven guilty, but in the meantime, Fanhouse might want to take down Mariotti's archive page, where such headlines as "For Acts of Violence, MLB Much Too Soft," "Darrelle Revis or Albert Haynesworth: Who's the Bigger Dummy?," "After All the Shame, Pitino Should Resign," and "Armstrong Would Be Biggest Fraud of All," jump out at you.


Just listen to the names of the horses in this race.

Sports Video Of The Day

America, we've reached a new low. (Thanks to the all of you who sent this in.)

Most Ridiculous Product Ever Video Of The Day