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Joey Votto (Related Stories)

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Joe Votto stories in the SI Vault

Cincinnati Reds 2008 PreviewBy Albert Chen, March 31, 2008Young starters are the reason they could make the jump the Rockies did last year.

A pair of young power hitters are being counted on to lead the team back into contention.

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Breakout Targets For 2010 SeasonBy Adam McFadden, March 2, 2010Established stars get picked in the early rounds and usually provide early-round value, but it's the breakout players that bring home titles, with mid- and late-round prices that perform like early-round talent. So how do we find them?

Unassuming Votto Earns Ultimate Respect With All-Star SelectionBy Paul Daugherty, July 12, 2010The honor was great, everything he ever wanted. But man, the cameras. The notebooks, the microphones, the earpiece that kept popping out during that live shot he did for the MLB Network last Thursday. Joey Votto leaned into the shot, as if being a few inches closer to the camera would help him hear a guy in a studio many miles away. That was awful.