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Morning Jolt: Bryant aiming for game action vs. Miami

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Friday, August 27

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Bryant aiming for game action vs. Miami

Cowboys fans may finally have a chance to see Dez Bryant in action. [Bryant] showed some good signs at practice Thursday, running routes for the first time since he suffered a high-ankle sprain last month. Before practice started, Bryant ran some routes for quarterback Stephen McGee under the watchful eye of wide receivers coach Ray Sherman. "I'm excited," Bryant told the Cowboys' official site early Thursday. "I am ready for it. I know I can (cut on the ankle)." But by the end of the session Bryant was jogging through the routes with Sherman going over the proper release techniques and footwork. Full participation in practice could come as early as next week. (The Dallas Morning News)Comment

MLB teams coddling young stars?

The perceived coddling of young pitchers may be coming, say, 10 years too late. Stephen Strasburg, the Washington Nationals pitcher who can't pitch six innings without going on the disabled list, was the latest. Before him it was Joel Zumaya. Before him, Kerry Wood. And Mark Prior. ... [Pitchers] like Strasburg and Zumaya, Wood and Prior, they haven't been coddled. They've been saddled, like donkeys. They've been ridden since they were 12 or maybe younger, pitching in spring leagues, summer leagues, fall leagues, even winter leagues. A kid lucky enough to grow up in a warm-weather state like California or Texas can pitch all year, every year. Strasburg is from San Diego. So is Prior. Zumaya is from Chula Vista, Calif., just south of San Diego. Wood is from Texas. Kids play baseball year-round in those areas. How lucky they are. (

Saban: 'Room for lots more' talent at 'Bama

No matter what you hear, Nick Saban has room for more of the best talent in the country. "I've never said anything about the talent that we stockpile," he said. "That's strictly you all's opinion and the guys from and wherever. ... Because most guys that come to college do not know what it takes to be a good player in college. A lot of guys who came to the NFL as rookies didn't know what it took to be a good player in the NFL either. They have to go through some growing pains. ... And when they do that, then they have talent. I don't know where we're stockpiling all this stuff at, but we've got room for lots more." (Birmingham News)Comment

Must-See Photo

Instead of the Tiger Woods press conference, you could have been watching this one, where a bunch of really cute dogs, representing the Scooby Doo fan club, celebrated a new season on the Cartoon Network in Ukraine. (AP)

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  • 2006 -- Marco Andretti, 19, becomes the youngest winner of a major open-wheel event, beating Dario Franchitti by 0.66 seconds to take the Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma.
  • 1976 -- Transexual Renee Richards, formerly Richard Raskind, is barred from competing at the U.S. Open tennis championships after refusing to submit to a chromosome qualification test.
  • 1955 -- Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax strikes out 14 Reds players as both teams combine for record 23 strikeouts.