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Los Angeles Dodgers (Related Stories)


Los Angeles Dodgers stories in the SI Vault

Ex-Bad Boy's Big YearBy Huston Horn, August 20, 1962Don Drysdale's pitching motion -- once described as 'all spikes, elbows and fingernails' -- hasn't changed, but his working attitude has. Result: a good shot at 30 wins and a pennant for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Wheelin' Away Out WestBy William Leggett, August 20, 1973L.A.'s Little Blue Bicycle uses some old parts and an infield full of new ones trying to outrun Cincy's Big Red Machine.

Born To Be A DodgerBy Roy Blount Jr., April, 7, 1975Now that he is one, Steve Garvey tries to live up to his obligations while opposing the cult of the antihero.

An Infusion Of Fresh Dodger-Blue BloodBy Larry Keith, March 14, 1977Being his team's first new manager in almost a quarter century has put Walter Alston's replacement, Tom Lasorda, in seventh heaven. And he prays he can guide L.A. to first place.

Something Screwy Going On HereBy Tony Castro, July 8, 1985Fernando Valenzuela's scroogie continues to mystify the hitters, but just as baffling is his story of rags to riches to hard luck.

A Big Blast In L.A.By Peter Gammons, October 24, 1988A dramatic homer set the Dodgers off toward a 2-0 World Series lead.

The Pride Of The DodgersBy Nicholas Davidoff, July 1, 1991Great pitching, the hallmark of Dodger teams for years, is back on display in L.A..

Manny In La La LandBy Tom Verducci, October 13, 2008A star-obsessed city that had lost its baseball sizzle is suddenly relevant again, thanks to Manny Ramirez -- the new leading man who put the Dodgers one step closer to a possible made-for-Hollywood World Series matchup.