Hot Clicks: Jennifer Metcalfe; Jacory Harris wears Raiders overalls

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I figured I'd embarrass myself and give you some NFL predictions. I'm picking one surprise team to make the playoffs in the NFC while sticking with chalk in the AFC.My AFC division winners: Patriots, Ravens, Colts, Chargers. Wild cards: Jets, Steelers. NFC division winners: Cowboys, Saints, Packers, 49ers. Wild cards: Falcons, Lions. (Yes, the Lions. They have plenty of talent on offense and I think Ndamukong Suh will make a big difference on defense.) Super Bowl: Ravens versus Cowboys. Winner: Ravens. Here are the predictions of 50 other media members.

Looking Into The Crystal Ball

Ndamukong Suh: Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

Miami Hurricanes quarterback Jacory Harris Tweeted this picture of himself this afternoon.


Tim Tebow launched a social media campaign Wednesday, joining Twitter, Facebook and the World Wide Web. His Facebook page is a little bare bones right now, but this is probably how it will end up looking.

And Now He Will Dominate Cyberspace

Jennifer Metcalfe is an actress and model from England. She's also today's LLOD.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jennifer Metcalfe :: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Since we feature a Lovely Lady of the Day, the ladies at have asked for equal time. They want this post featuring various videos of Cristiano Ronaldo featured in Hot Clicks, and because I'm such a good mood that football is starting, I'm going to grant their wish.

For The Ladies Of Hot Clicks Nation

Here are 32 NFL tattoos (one for each team) that fans have gotten.

Speaking Of The Start Of Football...

If you'd like to be in the Hot Clicks NFL Pick 'Em Pool, go to this site, find "Hot Clicks" and sign up. I'm not sure what the first-place prize will be yet, but hopefully I'll have an announcement on that soon.

Pool Time

Women's rugby is pretty ferocious based on the hit that takes place at the 21-second mark.

Sports Video Of The Day

This is an old training video for Wendy's workers on how to handle hot drinks. Does anyone even order hot drinks at Wendy's? Is there a video on how they make the oh-so-awesome Frosty? This video will leave you with more questions than answers. But the song, which sounds very Bobby Brown/Montell Jordan/R. Kelly is actually very catchy and sounds like a Top 40 hit.

Music Video Of The Day