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Baseball's best re-asserting their dominance as season winds down

On April 22, in the second edition of the 2010 MLB Power Rankings, the top four teams -- in order -- were the Yankees, Rays, Twins and Phillies. On Sept. 9, exactly 20 weeks later, the top four teams of the Power Rankings are, yet again, the Yankees, Rays, Twins and Phillies.

The cream always rises to the top, eh? There were reasons to doubt, however. Though the Yankees and Rays have remained near the top all year, the Phillies struggled so much they fell as far as No. 17 in early July while falling to third place and six games back in the National League East. Soon thereafter the Twins fell to third in the American League Central and to No. 16.

But as the season enters its final three weeks, those top four teams that entered the year with the most talent are now playing the best baseball, separating themselves as heavy favorites in October.

MLB Power Rankings

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