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Morning Jolt: Kolb still Reid's guy ... if 'healthy'

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Monday, September 13

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Kolb still Reid's guy ... if 'healthy'

Another quarterback controversy in the City of Brotherly Love? Kevin Kolb? Michael Vick? "If Kevin Kolb is healthy, will he be your starter next week?" Andy Reid was asked after the Eagles' 27-20 loss to the Green Bay Packers yesterday. "Yes," said the Eagles' head coach. Ah, but what is healthy in the world of head trauma? Passing a verbal test? Both Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley did that [Sunday], Reid said, or they wouldn't have been allowed back on the field long enough to become nauseous. ... If we have learned nothing else from the plights of Brian Westbrook, Keith Primeau, Eric Lindros and Simon Gagne -- did I leave anyone out? -- it is that we don't know what we don't know when it comes to concussions. (Philadelphia Daily News)Comment

Mets will move quickly on GM, manager

The Mets may not wait long to rebuild from the top down. Changes will be made, as you know, and you can expect the first of a wave of announcements to come on Oct. 4 or Oct. 5, right after the season ends. This situation is evolving ... But as of now, here's how this crucial offseason looks, with the understanding that Omar Minaya very likely will be reassigned and Jerry Manuel won't be back as manager. First, the new head of baseball operations is more likely to come from outside the organization. Don't place your bets on assistant general manager John Ricco or special assistant to the GM Wayne Krivsky. Second, the new manager is more likely to be someone with Mets ties. Think Wally Backman or yes, even Bobby Valentine. (Newsday)Comment

Disgruntled Randy rules in New England

After going for five catches for 59 yards, Randy Moss managed to find an outsized share of the spotlight by way of a reported 16 minutes on himself. While his teammates were celebrating their season-opening win over the Bengals in the locker room, Moss held court in the postgame news conference, claiming there were "a lot of people who don't want to see me do good." He also said he felt this would be his last year with the team. "This is the last year of my contract," Moss said. "Nothing has been discussed. There's not been anything said. Not a letter. Nothing. I'm not saying that I want to stay here, but I love playing here. If the future of my job lets me go to another team, then that's what it's going to be." (

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USA's Andre Iguodala (lower left) cuts a piece of the net as members of his team look on after winning the World Basketball Championship over Turkey on Sunday in Istanbul. (AP)

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A last-minute victory for the Lions was taken away when officials ruled that Calvin Johnson failed to complete his apparent game-winning touchdown reception against the Bears.

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Ravens at Jets, 7 p.m. ET, ESPN

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  2. New York Jets

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  • 1965 -- Willie Mays becomes the fifth player in MLB history to hit 500 career home runs.
  • 1992 -- The Bills and 49ers combine for 1,086 yards of offense and, for the first time in NFL history, not a single punt.
  • 1998 -- Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs slams home runs No. 61 and No. 62 against the Milwaukee Brewers at Wrigley Field.