September 13, 2010

Batting champion stories in the SI Vault

I Hope Rod Carew Hits .400By Ted Williams, July 18, 1977Giving the salmon some peace, the erstwhile Splendid Splinter, now a self-confessed "old frog," hooks up with the young man who is trying to bring back 1941.

A Murderers' Row Of OneBy Craig Neff, July 27, 1987Yankee Don Mattingly tied a doughty old record by homering in eight straight games.

Bat ManBy Tom Verducci, July 28, 1997At 37, seven-time hitting champion Tony Gwynn has become so good that he is the most proficient batter since Ted Williams.

By Tom Verducci, August 09, 1999As they closed in on magic hit number 3,000, Tony Gwynn and Wade Boggs looked back on eerily similar careers that established them as the top contact hitters of their time.

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