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Week 2: Patriots, Texans shoot up

There's no tougher week for the NFL Power Ranker (that would be me) than Week 2, when you're tasked with taking just one slim weekend of results and projecting where each team belongs, from No. 1 to 32. The volatility factor can make for some sudden, dizzying movements in either direction, as teams like the plummeting Bengals, 49ers and Eagles learned, as did the fast-rising Patriots, Texans, Steelers and Seahawks.

All in all, there were some pretty interesting developments in Week 1. Did you notice the following?

• In the NFC standings, there are two 1-0 teams and two 0-1 teams in all four divisions. In fact, had either Oakland or Denver been able to win on the road last week, all eight of the NFL's divisions would feature that same perfect balance between the 1-0's and the 0-1's.

• Seven of last year's 12 playoff teams lost in Week 1, meaning we're probably well on our way to swapping out half of the teams from last season's playoff field to this year's. The Jets, Bengals, Colts and Chargers all went down to defeat in the AFC, while the Cowboys, Eagles, and Vikings lost in the NFC.

• And some 2009 streakers will not be repeating their feats. The Colts (14-0), Vikings (6-0) and Broncos (6-0) opened last season on a combined 26-0 run. But this time around, they're all 0-1. Now on to this week's rankings ...

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NFL Power Rankings, Week 2

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