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Morning Jolt: Sanchez "tanks" when going gets rough

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Friday, September 17

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While Darrelle Revis' hamstring will dominate Pats-Jets storylines on one side of the ball, former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi believes another factor will dominate the other: Mark Sanchez's attitude. [Bruschi said on NFL Live] that Sanchez "tanks it" when things go bad. "I've got a big concern with the New York Jets, and it's the quarterback, and that's a huge concern," Bruschi said. ... [When things ar going well, Sanchez's] attitude is infectious. He's a leader of that team. But when things go bad, I think he tanks it. Right now I see Mark Sanchez as a front-runner, and that's not something that you want at that quarterback position." (The New York Post)Comment

Cuban sees no threat in Lakers

Mark Cuban made a few headlines Thursday, taking on LeBron ("largest public humiliation in the history of sports") and the Lakers. On if the Mavs can beat the Lakers: "Hell yes. That's it. Hell yes. We've got the size now. We've got the depth. We've got a lot more depth than the Lakers. It's not even close there." ... "This is a really, really special opportunity for us. We're going to have the deepest team in the NBA by far." (The Dallas Morning News)Comment

Mexico soccer stars hire transvestite

Mexico's national team soccer stars are at the center of a vice probe amid claims that they hired 14 hookers and a transvestite for a wild after-match party. Premier League stars Carlos Vela and Carlos Salcido celebrated with Mexico teammates at their squad's hotel following their 1-0 friendly win over Colombia last week. However the Mexican FA has been forced to investigate newspaper and internet reports that vice girls joined the early-hours celebrations. (The Sun)Comment

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French soccer legend Zinedine Zidane made a surprise appearance on behalf of Qatar's 2022 World Cup presentation bid to FIFA in in the Qatari capital Doha. (AFP/Getty Images)

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AC Milan's Zlatan Ibrahimovic kicks teammate Rodney Strasser in the back in training.

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Rockies at Dodgers, 10:10 p.m. ET

  1. Colorado Rockies
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  • 1937 -- First-ever NFL game in Washington, DC played -- the Redskins beat the New York Giants 13-3.
  • 1953 -- Ernie Banks becomes the Chicago Cubs' first black player
  • 1988 -- 24th Olympic games open at Seoul, Korea