Week 3: Texans, Steelers, Fins join top six; Vikes and 'Boys in free fall

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It has already been a long season in places like Dallas, Minnesota and San Francisco, where the winless reside, their big expectations placed on hold. Meanwhile, game days can't come quickly enough for the giddy and surprising 2-0's in Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Miami, Chicago and Houston. Their fans are already quietly crunching playoffs scenarios in their heads.

But September does not a season make. Or break. And the road back to respectability, or to ruin, is still there for the taking in Week 3.

While the eight teams still searching for their first win will tell you it's getting later all the time, the eight teams that remain undefeated will try to convince you that it's impossibly early and nothing has been accomplished. They're both right, of course. As for the 16 teams sitting at 1-1, they're just riding the rollercoaster that is the NFL's regular season. And this week will bring another dip, climb, twist or turn.

The fun part, of course, is not knowing much of what's about to unfold during an NFL weekend. But as things stand at the moment, here's how we rank them, from No. 1-32.

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NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

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