Hot Clicks: Brooklyn Decker; football coach takes away players' phones

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I recently mentioned a magazine covers contest in Hot Clicks. Brooklyn Decker's SI Swimsuit cover won the Sexiest Cover of the Year and now the cover is competing to win the Best Cover of the Year. You can vote here, however you need to be logged into your account. But after you watch this, I think you'll agree that it's worth logging in and giving Brooklyn a vote.

Rock The Vote

Brookyn Decker :: Walter Iooss/SI

I can't understand one word of this call, but it's fantastic. (Thanks to Mario Di Lorenzo, of Columbus, Ohio, for the link.)

Call Of The Day No. 1

I understood every word of this call, but have no idea what the hell any of it means. Yet, it's still fantastic.

Call Of The Day No. 2

With Ichiro recording his 10th straight season of 200 hits or more, has put the feat among baseball's unbreakable records. This also gives me a chance to link to this classic clip of Ichiro revealing his favorite American expression. (Warning: Clip contains a curse word and Bob Costas unleashing a really disturbing laugh.)

Impressive Ichiro

Ichiro :: Craig Barritt/Getty Images

All the players on the University of Kansas football team might want to invest in getting a second cell phone because Jayhawks head coach Turner Gillhas instituted a policy in which he takes each player's phone the day before a game and doesn't return it until after the game.

No Phone For You!

When baseball's regular season winds down, teams put their rookies through the annual hazing tradition of making them dress up in ridiculous outfits. The Boston Red Sox did this last night and you can find pictures here and video here.

One Of The Best Times Of The Year

Check out the escapability of Genoa-Kingston (Ill.) High quarterback, Craig Billington on this run.

Sports Video Of The Day

You won't find many lawyers more honest than this guy. (Thanks to Rod, of Calgary, for the video.)

Commercial Of The Day

Paul, of Austin, Texas, made this video of Phil Davidson, the candidate for treasurer of Ohio's Stark County who was recently featured in Hot Clicks, and the legendaryChris Hansen.

Mash Up Video Of The Day