Hot Clicks: Kristen Bell; Michael Vick highlights; David Beckham snaps at fan

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One of the biggest stories (if not the biggest) through three weeks of the NFL season has been the re-emergence of Michael Vick. With Vick on a roll, The Smoking Jacket figures the Michael Vick movie is inevitable at this point, and they're casting the flick. Somehow, super-cuteKristen Bell has landed a key role.

A True Hollywood Story

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Referee Carl Cheffers had a very tough time explaining a call in the Cowboys-Texans game. ... Josh Cribbs gave a very interesting (and dirty) answer (twice!) when asked about his role in the Browns' offense (at the one-minute mark). ... I don't want to be a buzzkill, but when I saw the Jaguars mascot bungee jump from the top of the Jaguars' stadium yesterday, I thought "that really doesn't seem like a good idea." I know the Jaguars stink and there are empty seats galore in their stadium, but is this something they really need to do to entertain fans? ... You gotta check out this catch by Chiefs tight end Tony Moeaki.

NFL Roundup

I can watch these Lou Holtz pep talk videos all day long. ... It's ridiculous that striking a Heisman pose, which LSU's Patrick Peterson did after scoring on a punt return Saturday, results in a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. ... Here's a leap that turns into a kick by South Carolina's Brian Maddox that would make Daniel LaRusso proud.

College Roundup

A couple of hookers have recently claimed that David Beckham, um, used their services. Beckham has denied the allegations and is even suing one of the tabloids that reported the story. He also isn't in the mood to hear fans taunt him about his alleged philandering.

Don't Bust Becks... You Know

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Marlins rookie Logan Morrison shared one of the more disturbing rookie hazing photos you'll ever see on his Twitter page yesterday. And here's more coverage of the Fish rookies in ridiculous outfits.

This Picture Is Worth Way More Than 1,000 Words

Last week, Hot Clicks featured video of a goalie letting in a penalty kick after walking away from the ball because he thought he made the save. Well, he's committed another gaffe, and this time he just leaves the field afterward.


Since we started this edition by talking about Michael Vick, here are his highlights from Sunday.

Sports Video Of The Day

It seems that Kimmel is running This Week in Unnecessary Censorship on Friday's now so that means, we'll feature it every Monday. Here is the latest installment.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day