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Pittsburgh Steelers (Related Stories)

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Pittsburgh Steelers stories in the SI Vault

No Paralysis Is The AnalysisBy Tex Maule, October 11, 1971Steeler Coach Chuck Noll believes that thinking paralyzes the defense, that it should react instinctively. Pittsburgh reacted fast last weekend, turning back San Diego with three goal-line stands.

Pittsburgh Punches It OutBy Dan Jenkins, January 20, 1975Pressuring the Vikings with a vigorous attack and an overwhelming defense, the Steelers bulled their way to sweet victory in the Super Bowl.

What A Passing Parade!By Dan Jenkins, January 29, 1979The leader of the band of Steelers who defeated the Cowboys 35-31 in Super Bowl XIII was Terry Bradshaw, who strutted his stuff by throwing for four touchdowns.

You Have to be a Fool at TimesBy Ralph Wiley, August 25, 1986John Stallworth, the Steelers' great clutch receiver, will be ignoring the footsteps again in season No. 13.

Exit, Biggest Stage LeftBy Peter King, February 13, 2006In front of fans from both of his hometowns, Jerome Bettis closed out his career as a champion.

The Hangover: RoethlisbergerBy Jack McCallum, May 10, 2010An NFL superstar's repulsive behavior, the ultimate expression of athletic entitlement run amok, has forced even the most diehard fans to questions their team and their football faith -- and made a small town in George wish he'd never paid a visit.