Morning Jolt: Is ump out to get Gardenhire?

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Friday, October 8

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Is umpire out to get Gardenhire?

Tossing a manager in a playoff game, which happened twice Thursday, isn't easy. It's never expected when a manager gets ejected in a playoff game, but when the Twins' Ron Gardenhire was run by plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt in the seventh inning of Game 2, it wasn't exactly a shocker. The history between the two is not good. Wendelstedt has ejected Gardenhire multiple times, and there have been at least two public spats between the two -- including a particularly ugly incident in Detroit in August, 2009. After that ejection, according to Gardenhire, the umpire taunted the manager by asking, "How do you like that?" (

"Just being me" earns Finnegan new fine

Thanks to NFL fines, Cortland Finnegan is now $15K in the hole over the past three weeks. The NFL has fined Finnegan $5,000 for an incident involving Broncos offensive lineman Chris Kuper in Sunday's 26-20 loss to the Broncos. It's the same play that prompted Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton to call Finnegan a "dirty" player. Orton accused Finnegan of punching Kuper. Finnegan said he didn't do anything out of the ordinary against the Broncos, or involving Kuper. Finnegan was not penalized on the play. "I was just being me," Finnegan said. (The Tennessean)Comment

Spurs only have room for 13 players?

No longer will there be a 15th man for Gregg Popovich, who disclosed Thursday that the Spurs will carry no more than 14 players in 2010-11. Since the league expanded regular season rosters from 13 to 15 players, the Spurs always have carried the maximum allowed. This season, Popovich said, they may go with 13, the minimum the league allows. Limiting the roster, Popovich said, makes player personnel decisions that much more difficult. ... Popovich acknowledged that financial considerations played a role in the truncation of the roster. (San Antonio News-Express)Comment

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Ice, ice baby. England's Louise Hazel cooled off during the heptathlon high jump event at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi on Friday. (William West/AFP/Getty Images)

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The Penguins opened their new arena, and the NHL season, with a loss to the Philadelphia Flyers

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