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Sports agent stories in the SI Vault

The Power And The Glory By Jack McCallum, November 09, 1992In representing Michael Jordan and other deities, David Falk has become the scourge of the NBA.

Big Deals By Tom Verducci, June 14, 1993For agents Scott Boras and Dennis Gilbert, baseball is a bonanza.

Show Of ArmsBy Peter King, April 25, 1994A powerful agent is pulling the strings on the biggest quarterback shuffle ever.

So, Sue Me!By Michael Bamberger and Don Yaeger, July 15, 1996His no-holds-barred tactics infuriate NFL executives, but Drew Rosenhaus, the self-styled Dark Knight of sports agents, isn't about to apologize.

SFX Needs An Rx By L. Jon Wertheim, November 05, 2001SFX Sports was supposed to be the ultimate in players' reps, but it's struggling.

The Arn Of The DealBy Franz Lidz, May 27, 2002Employing a mix of integrity and absurdity, Arn Tellum is the strangest of beasts: a powerful sports agent you can actually like.