Morning Jolt: Jones not ready to fire Phillips

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Monday, October 18

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Jones says no coaching change for 'Boys

As opposed to last week, Jerry Jones chose to speak publicly after Sunday's loss to Minnesota, and he expressed support for Wade Phillips. "We may make some changes with personnel or adjust for the obvious because of injuries, but we won't be making any coaching change," Jones said. The eternal optimist, Jones said that is no longer the case, but when asked if thought making the playoffs was out of the question he said, "No, I do not." (Dallas Morning News)Comment

Eagles not ready to deal QB

Philadelphia, churning grist for the QB headline mill all season, appears ready to ride the rotation the rest of the way. The Eagles will not trade quarterbacks Michael Vick or Kevin Kolb before Tuesday's NFL trade deadline, according to a team source. Last month after he benched Kolb in favor Vick, Eagles coach Andy Reid could not definitively say that Kolb would not be dealt before the deadline. But a lot has changed since Reid made his infamous decision. Vick injured his ribs against the Redskins in Game 4 and has not played since. Kolb, in his place, has played splendidly, especially in the last two games. (Philadelphia Inquirer)Comment

Sixers can't settle on lineup

Doug Collins continues to tinker with his lineup, with Sunday's first team consisting of Jrue Holiday, Andre Iguodala, Elton Brand and Craig Brackins, with Jodie Meeks and Jason Kapono sharing a spot. At the end-of-practice scrimmage, that group looked very good on offense, in both getting the ball to the basket and finding outside shooters for open jumpers. "I'm just continuing to mix and match a little bit," Collins said. (Philadelphia Daily News)Comment

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The Badgers' win over No. 1 Ohio State sends Camp Randall Stadium into a frenzy. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

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That's one way of making sure you can spend NFL Sundays with your husband.

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