October 18, 2010

Thierry Henry stories in the SI Vault

My SI Sportsman: Thierry HenryBy RIchard Deitsch, November 29, 2005If the name above is unfamiliar, we understand. This is America, after all, and Thierry Henry plys his trade across the Atlantic. Of course, if you are a fan of European soccer, you know all about Henry.

Henry Goes Global By Jonah Freedman, November 26, 2007Is the French icon coming to MLS? He says eventually.

Don't Be So Quick To Judge HenryBy Gabriele Marcotti, November 19, 2009This one's easy. Thierry Henry is a cheat. Open and shut? Logically, yes. . But in many ways, it doesn't matter. It should never have reached the point because Gallas' goal should have been disallowed.

Red Bull Market By Grant Wahl, July 26, 2010Another MLS team takes a shot at a big-name Euro star Grant Wahl.

Raising The BarBy Ben Reiter, August 23, 2010Thierry Henry is MLS's biggest name, but midfielder Rafael Márquez could be its most important player yet.

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