Concussions (Related Stories)

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Concussions stories in the SI Vault

Baseball's Secret Weapon: TerrorBy Roger Kahn, July 10, 1961Despite official denials, pitchers throw at batters -- to knock them down, to brush them back, sometimes to brain them.

Wiretap On The ProsBy George Plimpton, November 13, 1972 The fierce mutterings on the field and along the sidelines are lost in the wind and the crescendo of crowds. But tapes of players in combat reveal the harsh violence of football.

The Worst CaseBy Michael Farber, December 19, 1994Doctors warn that repeated concussions can lead to permanent brain dysfunction.

Can't Quit NowBy Leigh Montville, December 01, 1997 Five concussions, a bruise on his brain and a bout with depression couldn't change how the Rangers' Pat LaFontaine feels about hockey: He loves it.

The Wrecking YardBy William Nack, May 07, 2001As they limp into the sunset, retired NFL players struggle with the game's grim legacy: a lifetime of disability and pain.

Clear SailingBy Peter King, June 18, 2001 A concussion finally behind him, the Rams' Kurt Warner wants to get back to business.

Heads Up By Michael Farber, October 15, 2001After a 16-month layoff, concussion-prone Eric Lindros was rusty but also showed flashes of why the Rangers paid dearly for him.

Headbangers' BallBy Jeffri Chadiha, August 26, 2002Some call it dorky, but the NFL's new helmet just might prolong careers.

One Big Headache By E.M. Swift, February 18, 2007As more players become afflicted, the NFL is finding concussions a tough problem to tackle.