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San Francisco Giants stories in the SI Vault

The Race Is In The WestBy Walter Bingham, June 04, 1962 San Francisco's Giants broke fast in the National League, but two high hurdles loom: their own history of failure and the hipper-dipper Los Angeles Dodgers, personified below by long-striding Willie Davis stealing second against the Giants last week.

Yea, Mr. Mays By Roy Blount Jr., July 27, 1970Willie Howard Mays Jr., 39, made his 3,000th safe hit last week, playing baseball with the same enthusiasm -- and effectiveness -- he first brought to the Giants in A.D. 1951.

On The StickBy Ron Fimrite, July 10, 1989Power and pitching have offset woeful injuries and put the Giants atop their division, fueling dreams of a Bay Bridge Series against the A's.

Will PowerBy E.M. Swift, May 28, 1990With the game on the line, Giants first baseman Will Clark is a formidable figure. And the game does not have to be baseball.

The Strong, Silent TypeBy Ron Fimrite, July 25, 1994Content to be overshadowed, the Giants' Matt Williams quietly keeps pace with more-celebrated sluggers.

A Giant QuestionBy Michael Bamberger, May 12, 1997 Are the pitching-powered Giants for real, or are they headed for a big slide?

"He's Barry, But He's Our Barry"By Chris Ballard, May 21, 2007The national perception is that San Francisco is solidly behind Barry Bonds in his chase for the home run record. Like most things in this city, it's not that simple.