Hot Clicks: Miss Ireland; Notre Dame fans to storm field after loss

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This is my favorite story of the day. It has to do with the Fighting Irish, so that's the reason for the above picture of Miss Ireland 2010. Anyway, the Notre Dame student newspaper is asking fans to storm the field after the Irish lose to Utah on Nov. 13 to honor the school's record of most losses in a four-year period.

Irish Fans Must Do This

Miss Ireland Rozanna Purcell :: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Such a shame that the Heat lost last night. That bar I told you about in Tuesday's P.M. Hot Clicks, the one that promised to pick up everyone's tab if and when Miami lost a game this season? It was on the hook for more than $4,000 last night. As for what took place in the game, this acting job by Kevin Garnett was the highlight. And across the country, the Rockets-Lakers game was all aboutJustin Bieber.

NBA Opening Night

Miami University hockey player Will Weber suffered a big cut to his neck thanks to an opponents' skate. This is what he looks like after getting 100 stitches. (Thanks to Derek Loville, of Astoria, N.Y., for the link.)


I'm kinda tempted to post a picture of Brian Wilson every day during the World Series, because, as points out, he's the most interesting man in the Fall Classic. He's also cast as Homer Simpson in this piece that compares World Series players to Simpsons characters. Meanwhile, a Dallas attorney is hoping a judge takes pity on him and grants his motion to delay a case he's working on so he can go to San Francisco for Game 1.

World Series Links

Brian Wilson :: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

My good buddy Darren got engaged over the weekend. (He's the jerk who took this picture of me and Derek Jeter that makes me look like a psychotic stalker.) Anyway, before Darren and his fiancée pick a wedding date, I want them to make sure they read this very handy article titled "The Sports Wedding Calendar," which gives couples the acceptable dates to schedule the nuptials.

If You're Planning To Walk Down The Aisle...

Jonathan Morrill, of Baton Rouge, La., says, "The link below is what I came home to today. Apparently my apartment complex in Baton Rouge has decided to go ahead and start welcoming the Bama fans. This is on the front gate. (I wasn't sure how to attach a picture, so here is the picture, posted on my blog.)"

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I have five copies of the Back To The Future 25th Anniversary Trilogy, which is on sale today, to give away. The first five people to answer these five questions correctly, get the DVDs. All questions come from items that have been in Hot Clicks over the past week. Use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your answers.

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Back to the Future

UPDATE, 2:07 p.m. ET: Contest is over. Thanks for playing.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco's Halloween costume? The Situation.

Sports Video Of The Day

Via comes this acoustic compilation of cartoon theme songs.

Music Video Of The Day

Antoine Dodson is riding his newfound fame. Now he's a pitchman for a sex offender tracker app. (Thanks to Josh, of New York, for the video.)

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