Hot Clicks: Cheerleaders dressed for Halloween; Ron Washington costume

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With Halloween fast approaching, I have some links I need to unload today: In the "suggestion" category, those of you still looking for a costume should consider dressing up asAntoine Dodson. In the "scary and stupid" category, we have this buried alive ritual that's being offered in Minneapolis. In the "sexy" category, we have this gallery of cheerleaders dressed up for Halloween. And in the "so freakin' funny category," we have this picture of a kid dressed as Rangers manager Ron Washington.

Happy Halloween

Cheerleaders :: Getty Images

Here is the video for the team's theme song, The Claw. Hopefully for Rangers fans, they'll be able to do the Claw a little more tonight than they did last night while getting smoked by the Giants.

Speaking Of The Rangers...

A marijuana dispensary in San Francisco is giving away one free joint for every home run hit by a Giants player during the World Series. So there must be A LOT of new Juan Uribe fans in the Bay Area today.

Speaking Of The Giants...

You might have seen Tony Bennett sing God Bless America during the seventh inning stretch. But what you might have missed was earlier in the game when Bennett sang I Left My Heart in San Francisco. Fox didn't show this live, but you can watch it here. This gives me a chance to also link to Bennett's best song, which happens to be featured in one of the best movies of all time.

Now THAT'S Ballpark Entertainment

Tony Bennett :: AP

The Cavaliers opened up their season last night by showing that they can win without LeBron James. Well, at least for one night. And here's how the team's play-by-play man called the final second of action.

LeBron Who?

I have five copies of Ultimate NFL on DVD to give away today, and here's a description of the video via a press release: "Ultimate NFL will take fans on a journey through the 2009-2010 NFL Season as seen through the high definition lens of an NFL Films cinematographer. From a wide range of angles and speeds that go beyond what is seen on game day, fans will discover the previously unseen physics of football and relive Super Bowl XLIV with thrilling never-before-seen footage. Fans will also have the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes for an all-access tour of NFL Films studios inside the creative process of the most celebrated film makers in sports." You can watch the trailer here.

Giveaway Of The Day

Ultimate NFL :: Warner Home Video

UPDATE: DVDs are gone and winners have been e-mailed.

This is how you run the tip drill. (Thanks to Chris, of Mobile, Ala., for the video.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Here's a five-minute mashup of the best viral sports videos.

Compilation Video Of The Day

People Are Awesome - Watch more Sports

This new Green Bay Packers anthem, We Love the Green and Gold, is pretty much what you'd expect for a franchise that has an image as wholesome as apple pie. (Thanks to Paul Erickson, of Waukesha, Wis., for the video.)

Music Video Of The Day