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Hot Clicks: Charissa Thompson; 'South Park' spoofs LeBron James ad

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It's been a long time since I've pimped out the Hot Clicks Facebook page and my Twitter feed, but you should join/follow both for more links and videos that don't make Hot Clicks. Speaking of Twitter, It's Always Sunny in Detroit recommends 10 women with ties to sports for you to follow, as well. One of the women on the list is Fox Sports/Big Ten Network reporter Charissa Thompson, who many readers have asked me to feature in Hot Clicks, so here you go.

Twitter Tips

Charissa Thompson :: Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Steve Sauthoff, of Mascoutah Ill., says, "When will an athlete's playing skills not be overshadowed by his 'ability' to bring attention to himself? A rookie's pregame dance, LeBron James' chalk dust cloud, touchdown and tackle celebrations. Save it for the last game of the season, only if your team wins."

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

Steve, I could not disagree more with you. I want as many dances, dumb rituals and celebrations as humanly possible, and not just because Hot Clicks wouldn't exist without that stuff. But because sports is entertainment. It's supposed to be fun. Don't take it so seriously. I agree that if a team is down by 30 points, a guy shouldn't go crazy after scoring a touchdown. Or in the case of LaRon Landry, you shouldn't celebrate after the opposing team gets a first down. But in most cases, it's all harmless fun. If deep down, somebody really has a problem with John Walldoing a dumb dance, which is referenced in Steve's e-mail, they should lighten up because there are many more things to get worked up about.

South Parkjumped on the "Let's spoof the LeBron James Nike commercial" bandwagon last night.

"What Should I Do?"

While it seemed that the World Series was all about weed, the Giants' parade was all about the thong. Yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks featured video of Aubrey Huff sniffing his rally thong. As you can see above, Huff also ate his thong. And then heZoolandered his thong.

The Man Loves His Thong

Aubrey Huff :: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Do you know what legendary football coaches did for a living before patrolling the sidelines?

Quiz Time

Last week I talked about NFL broadcasters. Today, Fang's Bites hands out his 2010 MLB TV awards. Please e-mail him and not me with your disagreements. I'm still trying to wade through all the hate mail I got for saying I likedJoe Buck.

Baseball's Best In Broadcasting

Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes nails Copenhagen striker N'Doye Dame with a nasty kick.

Sports Video Of The Day

The guy who sits next to me in the office (and runs's college basketball section), Gennaro Filice, is a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan. He watched all the World Series games at a New York City bar called Finnerty's. During each game, he'd send me about 50 texts to tell me about the bar's great atmosphere. I wanted him to take video for Hot Clicks, but, sadly, he doesn't have a phone that takes video (which I've ripped him for non-stop over the past few days). Fortunately, Adam Staley, of San Francisco, has come through and sent in this great clip of the last at-bat of the World Series. (And here's video of Edgar Renteria's home run from earlier in the game.)

Bar Celebration Video Of The Day