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BCS Controversy (Related Stories)


BCS Controversy stories in the SI Vault

It's DebatableBy Tim Layden, January 12, 1998Is college football better off with whimsical polls and co-champs like Michigan and Nebraska than with the vagaries of a playoff system?

All Is Not Yet LostBy Ivan Meisel, October 5, 1998Thanks to the new bowl formula, teams with one defeat need not give up their title dreams.

Compute ThisBy Ivan Meisel, December 11, 2000The BCS crunched the numbers, and the result was controversy.

We're No. 1* By Phil Taylor, December 15, 2003*But not playing in the BCS title game. Why top-ranked USC got shafted and how the absurd system of deciding the national champion can be fixed

Indisputably PerfectBy Lars Anderson, January 14, 2005BCS be damned: These Tigers made the case that 13 and 0 adds up to No. 1.

B Is For BCS BusterBy Phil Taylor, November 13, 2006Taking a lead from its entrepreneurial, garment-crocheting tailback, Boise State may be just three victories away from securing a spot in one of the five biggest bowls.

Ka-ching! Ka-ching!By Terry McDonell, December 01, 2008How Do You Spell BCS?

Leveling The Playing FieldBy Senator Orrin Hatch, July 06, 2009The case for congressional hearings into the BCS.